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Corporate Profile

Kubota Kasui Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an environmental engineering, management and consulting firm specializing in the treatment of industrial waste gas and waste water.



Kubota Kasui Malaysia Sdn Bhd operates under the umbrella of Kubota Group. Our mother company, Kubota Kasui Corporation, was established in 1957 and is one of the leading environment engineering companies in Japan. Change our corporate name from Kasui Techno Sdn Bhd to Kubota Kasui Malaysia Sdn Bhd on April 2013.


Incorporated in Malaysia in 1995, Kubota Kasui Malaysia Sdn Bhd has through continuous transfer of technology from our Japanese counterparts, has been able to participate effectively in prestigious projects and industries, both locally and abroad. With this in mind, we stress that we are a Malaysian company with Malaysian engineers and localized design, procurement and fabrication.


Among the technologies that are well-received by our customers include the gas scrubbers that utilize the patented Moretana technology, the Heldy process for sludge reduction, the Troll anaerobic treatment system and Glutton Reactor for high BOD load treatment in waste water.


In this age of rapid global industrialization, the urgency in which infrastructure works to ameliorate the fragile balance between nature and development becomes intrinsically immediate. Kubota Kasui Malaysia Sdn Bhd is proud to be part of the worldwide movement towards a greener earth.




To become an outstanding environmental business firm which lead Malaysia towards an environmental and economic sustainable country.


To provide supports on consultation, design, installation and construction of environmental pollution control and resource circulation systems through our engineering and technical excellence.



  • Design Consultation, installation, commissioning of industrial waste water and gas treatment plant. Pure water generation plants: Ion-Exchange, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-Filtration, etc.


  • Type of Analysis Effluent, water quality, soil, sludge air quality.
  • Monitoring Air quality, water quality, noise, Isokinetic stack, air emissions, waste water characteristic study, on-site air, water and noise monitoring for EIA studies.
  • Others Laboratory reagents preparation.

Maintenance & Sales

  • Process maintenance and consultation, chemicals, consumables such as activated carbon, cartridge filters and other filter media. All water and gas treatment equipment.