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Fuelgas desulfurization, simultaneous exhaust desulfurization/ denitrification, deodorization (Biofresher I and II), exhaust dust removal, cleaning factory incinerator exhaust gas treatment, noxious gas treatment, CMT series


MORETANA, EP, bag filters, scrubbers, multicyclons, elements

Inorganic waste water treatment facilities. Plating, alumite, pickling, painting, oil-inclusive waste water, polishing, etching.
Semiconductors, photography/printing, printed circuit boards, industrial waste, overall factory waste water, heavy metal-inclusive waste water, laboratory waste water. Organic waste water treatment facilities General living water, restaurants, hotels, dyeing, foods, chemicals, fermentation, laundry, stockbreeding, leather, paper manufacture, fibers, meat centers, rendering, hospitals, building pit.
Features Application
  • High efficiency SO2 reduction
  • Low initial and running cost
  • Stable operation at various capacities
  • No clogging
  • Desulpherization
  • Denitrification
  • Deodour
  • Dedust